On this episode of Spirit Stories we have as our guest, Radan Kuča from the Czech Republic who has kickstarted interest in Buddhism by setting up the channel Ajahn Brahm Cesky to translate teachings into the Czech language. As you’ll find out this effort has already had a big impact and may already be spilling over into similar efforts for Ukrainian translations.

This interview has information about:

  • Radan’s challenges in finding out about Buddhism in a country with almost no organisations in Czechia
  • What inspired Radan to start a channel to translate the teachings of Ajahn Brahm, and how he he and fellow volunteers have gone about doing this and making it really successful in just a year and a half
  • How the Russian invasion of neighbouring Ukraine has impacted the Czech Republic and what Czech people have been doing to help Ukrainians, as well efforts to start translating Buddhist teachings into Ukrainian to help Ukrainians coping with the trauma of war.
  • And what is coming next for the Czech and Ukrainian Buddhist channels.

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