This page contains useful and practical information for our members about:

  • Member Mail
  • Social media
  • ‘DNBF Member’ group in Telegram
  • Member mail by email

Member Mail

Member mail, information for members from the society, can be read in three different ways, and you choose which ones you want to use. You can

  • have it sent by e-mail
  • log in to the website and read it there
  • sign up for the Telegram group ‘DNBF Member Post’ (see below)

Everyone is initially sent member mail by email, but you can unsubscribe from these emails (by using a link at the bottom of these emails), if, for example, you want to use Telegram, or would rather read the member mail on the website when you like.

Social media

We are primarily present through our websites, on some public channels in Telegram, in addition to Facebook. Furthermore, we use private channels and groups on Telegram for members, the committee, advisors etc. You can join these groups, using the following links, on a device (mobile/pc/mac) that has Telegram installed:

DNBF – Public channel with news, activities [ registration ]

DNBF Member post – channel with information for members (duplicate of the member mail on the website) [ registration ]. Do not give this link to others!

DNBF Member – group for members: discussion, feedback, sharing, questions and answers, etc. [påmelding se lenger nede på siden]

DNBF Styret – committee info, discussion, decisions

DNBF Retreat – planning and administration of retreats/courses

DNBF Member group on Telegram

As a first step towards an online/digital community, we have created a group on Telegram only for our members, which is voluntary to join. It is an initial small attempt to connect members together, share information, discuss, give feedback, form new groups, questions and answers, etc. We have bigger ambitions for an online community, but that will come later.

This should be a meeting place where everyone feels welcome, and the participants must therefore follow certain guidelines. A moderator will follow the group, who can intervene if the guidelines are broken:

  • This is a group for DNBF members only – and participants must appear with their full name. Feel free to upload a picture to your profile – we want this to be an honest and open meeting place.
  • Be respectful and friendly – do not use inappropriate language, threats, harassment and hateful messages.
  • Both DNBF and this group have zero tolerance towards discrimination – gender, sexual orientation, outlook on life, ethnicity, age and other significant aspects of a person.
  • Do not share material/media that is copyrighted or illegal .
  • Do not share sensitive information about others or yourself.
  • Violation of these rules will result in warnings, and possibly temporary or permanent banning from the group.

You can join the group, by following this link, on a device (mobile/pc/mac) that has Telegram installed. Do not give this link to others!

Member mail by e-mail

If you have previously unsubscribed from the member mail by e-mail, you can resubscribe on this website.

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