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Meditate like the Buddha

7 days meditation retreat

19th - 26th of May 2024 

Teaching, guiding, Q/A, private room for everybody

  • Kindness, stillness and wisdom

    The joy found in silence

    Embarking on the journey of meditation is an investment in your well-being, a commitment to cultivate inner harmony in the midst of life's chaos. In the gentle embrace of mindfulness, you discover a sanctuary where the relentless waves of thoughts begin to subside, allowing the calm waters of clarity to emerge. Meditation is a courageous exploration within, an invitation to witness the beauty of the present moment.

    In the stillness of meditation, you harness the transformative power of presence. It becomes a daily ritual that anchors you in the here and now, fostering a sense of gratitude and acceptance. With each breath, you create space for inner peace, clarity, and a heightened sense of awareness. The benefits extend beyond the cushion, influencing your interactions, decision-making, and overall quality of life.

    Embark on this journey with an open heart and a curious mind. Embrace the simplicity of sitting in silence, for in the quietude, you may find the answers to questions yet unasked. Meditation is not just a practice; it is a gift you give yourself—a gift of serenity, self-discovery, and a profound connection to the essence of life.

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  • Open for everybody

    Beginner or experienced

    This retreat will be suitable for everyone - a complete introduction to meditation will be taught, as well as immersion in various topics as desired or needed.

    There will be teaching, guiding, questions/answers and individual guidance - and we will probably also have time for some yoga.

    The meditation is carried out on comfortable chairs, but you can also sit on the floor with a mat and cushions or stools. Meditation can also be done lying on mats, or in bed in the bedroom.

  • All activities at the retreat are voluntary, you choose how many group activities you participate in, and how much you want to be alone and meditate/study in your own room.

    To keep the costs down retreatants are asked to take turns in helping with the cooking and cleaning. This means that everyone will be assigned small daily chores, which will take approximately an hour each day. All teaching on the retreat is given in English.

    The retreat leader Mikko Asunta speaks English and Finnish.

  • Teachings


    The teacher of the retreat is Ajahn Nitho. He is a Norwegian Buddhist monk who spent almost 15 years in Australia where he studied meditation under Ajahn Brahm, one of the most beloved meditation masters of the 21st century.

    Currently Ajahn Nitho is acting as the spiritual director for the Buddhist Society of Norway, a fast-growing Buddhist organization which has had retreats all over the Nordics. Ajahn Nitho has also worked with other monastics like Venerable Canda from the UK, to help bring the Buddha’s teachings on kindness, stillness and wisdom come alive in Northern Europe.

    Ajahn Nitho’s teacher Ajahn Brahm is a famous British-Australian meditation teacher, a best-selling author of many books and a strong supporter of gender equality in the Buddhist world. In the early years of his monkhood Ajahn Brahm trained in rural Thailand under Ajahn Chah, who was one of the best-known Buddhist teachers of the 20th century and an influential figure behind the growth of Buddhism in the West.

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  • The meals

    Healthy and nutritious vegetarian food

    We set up for breakfast at 07.00 and lunch at 12.00, as well as something light in the evening - buffet/self-service. The food will be vegetarian, with eggs and dairy products. There will be snacks, tea and coffee available throughout the day.

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  • Kreivilä

    Retreat venue

    The retreat venue is called Kreivilä, and the whole place is reserved for the retreat. It is a large countryside estate with seven vintage style buildings in total - all situated in the beautiful natural scenery of Finland.

    All retreatants will get their own room and in the common areas there are many ideal spots for meditation and for enjoying the early Finnish summer.

    Tall larches, a wildflower garden and apple trees surround the main building, which was built almost two centuries ago.

    The estate also has a lakeside cabin and a pier where you can watch the sunset or meditate by the lake.

    Venue web page Kreivilä on Google Maps
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  • Getting there


    Participants must provide their own transport, but we help connect those who have their own transport with those who do not.

    There is a train station in Humppila (about an hour from Tampere or Turku, two hours from Helsinki) which is 15 minutes from the retreat venue. We will organize a few pickups from the train station.



Price 500 euros

From Sunday 19th to 26th of May 2024. The price includes accommodation, food and teachings for 7 days.

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