When one gives, two get happy.

You can make a donation to the society using Vipps, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and bank transfer. You can also make a donation via a Vipps number, or through a bank transfer – see below.

1) Vipps

You can donate via the Norwegian payment system Vipps:

Vipps number: 688792
Vipp’s name: Den Norske Buddhistforening


2) Bank Transfer

You can also donate by bank transfer:

Bank account: 1506 61 85106
IBAN: NO7815066185106
Name: Den Norske Buddhistforening
Address: Hallings gate 2, 0170 OSLO, Norway

Bank: DnB
Bank address: Stranden 21, 0021 OSLO, Norway

Photo: Unsplash