This is for those who want us the best – but who do not have the opportunity to help so much – but are happy to help a little!

The society is now establishing an advisory group in 2022/23, which can help the committee with future development. Both a Norwegian language and an English language group will probably be established. Send an email to if you want to help a little!

Help us with your advice

We all think differently, and we have different backgrounds – and we need help to shed light on projects / problems from many sides – get advice, ideas, feedback, experiences, references. Communication will be digital (email, Telegram, telephone), so where you live is not important – only you want the best for the society. We are picturing of a group with many participants, where each one only need to participate a little.

Examples of projects

  • We want to invite teacher X to Norway to teach. Is that an okay teacher? Anyone know this teacher? Any better option?
  • A property in X municipality is for sale. Someone who is local? Any disadvantages with this place?
  • We are considering making a podcast series. What should the podcast topic be? What should the podcast topic be?

Some keywords

  • This will be an advisory group. The committee makes the decisions.
  • Some messages / emails are sent out throughout the year, and feedback can be sent by email, or in a discussion group on Telegram. Sometimes maybe a phone call.
  • The members of the advisory group can also make proposals on their own initiative.
  • The committee members are automatically part of the advisory group, and may continue in the advisory group when they leave the committee.
  • Ajahn Nitho will manage the list of emails belonging to the adviser group members, as well as membership in the Telegram group.
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