Real happiness and quality of life, a mind shining like a sun or a purified mind, is the result of the spiritual awakening taught by the Buddha, where the Four Noble Truths and the Nobel Eightfold Path lies at the core. The teachings given by the Buddha about 2500 years ago, point to a mindstate and an underlying transcendental reality that everybody can experience for themselves. Generosity, kindness, ethics and meditation is the foundation for this type of wisdom.

Our young society was founded in 2021, and the goal is to let people know about the teachings, get help in their practice, and experience the realization of the Buddha’s teachings, irrespective of age, colour or creed. We do not have a mysterious shortcut to convey, but a solid, well-proven and gradual training, which takes many years for most people.

“But there are people with little dust in their eyes – they will understand,” the Buddha thought.

MN 26

From the time of the Buddha, and all the way up till today, people have picked up this training both as a part of a normal life, or full time trough an ordination – which is a simple life, optimized for spiritual development. It is this training that the The Buddhist Society of Norway seeks to promote in our time, so that people can develop wisdom and become free from suffering.