Note by Board Chair

DNBF has become a registered faith society! Here there is room for everyone, a society around Buddha’s practice and teachings. That’s why I’m here as a member and as a volunteer. As a practitioner, I want to be part of the community of practice and to participate in teaching early Buddhism. I have experienced Nitho as a teacher and have confidence in him.

Being a volunteer is nothing new to me, and now as board chair I want to contribute as long as it is useful, and to the greatest possible benefit, to the society. DNBF’s young age is something that excites me, and the fact that committee members will be replaced after four years excites me. This is sound organizational thinking. This creates room for input from different practitioners and thus the society’s solidity, flexibility and steady development. The organization learns to listen – and listening is the basic function of dialogue. Almost like a meditation?

The tradition of the Buddha is old – almost 2600 years! The monastics ARE the transmission of practice and the teaching. Their presence in the world runs like an unbroken line through history. This is their profession. As the board chair, I want to keep up a dialog in the committee, and beyond in the society, about how we as members can facilitate that Ajahn Nitho, and the monastics who eventually come, have the opportunity to both cultivate their own spiritual development while facilitating the spiritual development of the members.

I meet a solid committee who have fun together. It makes me confident in the role. I find that being a volunteer is rewarding. In our busy lives, volunteering can also be something we opt out of in order to simplify our everyday lives. But isn’t it in the midst of everyday life that the magic happens? I believe that if many of us want to take care of our teachers and each other, we create a community where wisdom, ethical behavior and meditation are cultivated. This creates opportunities for freedom – in the midst of everyday life.

Elisabeth S Berner
March 2024