7 day Kreivila retreat

28. May 2024|

DNBF's first meeting with Finland was in Kreivila, and the retreat was - just like the society's first retreat in Norway - a smaller but open retreat where the participants got to know each other well.

Weekend retreat in Stockholm

16. May 2024|

On the weekend of 11th and 12th of May 2024, DNBF was in Stockholm for the first time to teach basic meditation and mindfulness. We had found Hälsans Hus by the old town - close to the city center and with fantastic views.

Venabu Retreat 2024

29. April 2024|

49 participants from 9 countries met at Venabu for meditation and inspiration for 8 days - nice weather, lots of meditation, inspiration, smiles and joy, as well as good opportunities for skiing or walking for fresh air.

The Free Hour

18. April 2024|

A doctor who wants to freeze his body when he dies, in the hope of a longer or eternal life. A bhikkhu who claims that we already have eternal life - only that we change bodies at the end of the life cycle, and that there is something better. A priest who hopes and believes in eternal life through Christian faith.

Kindfulness weekend

15. April 2024|

On the weekend of 13th and 14th of April 2024, Kindfulness was the topic at Pranahuset in Sandvika. Ajahn Nitho attracted a full house of meditators, and the focus was Buddha's instructions "sukhino cittaṃ samādhiyati" - the mind of a happy person gets deep meditation.

Local groups

DNBF is a young society, but has members and is connected to groups spread across Norway – and we also try to promote activities in other Nordic countries.

More info

The Anukampa Project – England

Venerable Canda has established a new society in England, focusing on early Buddhism and equal opportunities for women and men. Find her on The Anukampa Project website, and listen to the BBC report on this website.

We try to find and connect the best resources available, and create an arena for development and wisdom.

Spiritual Advisor

Ajahn Brahm, Spiritual Director of BSWA in Australia, as well as mentor and friend of Ajahn Nitho, has now been given the role of Spiritual Adviser for our society. He has taken on this role in order to help the committee moving forward with projects we want to realize in Norway.

Patron or donation

We rely on financial support for our operations, and a patron is someone who protects our society through a monthly donation of voluntary size. One-off donations are also welcome!


We like to present four podcasts produced by Sol Hanna in Australia. These cover both early classical Buddhism, the forest tradition, our spiritual advisor Ajahn Brahm, as well as a selection of exciting guests.

The Buddha’s Wisdom Podcast

Narrated teachings of the Buddha for you to listen to anytime, anywhere.

Ajahn Brahm Podcast

Remastered classical teachings from one of the greatest meditation masters of the modern Western world – Ajahn Brahm!

Forest Path Podcast

Insightful teachings and practical advice from the most profoundly meditative and wisest teachers in the forest tradition of Theravada Buddhism.

Treasure Mountain Podcast

Finding the spiritual treasure within human experience

Buying Property for Retreat Centre

The society is looking for property around Oslo, which is suitable for a future retreat centre. We are looking for those who want to sell a property, and people who can give us a lead, advice or help. Read more about the property we are looking for on this info page.


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For more than 2,500 years, Buddhism has inspired people to develop profound wisdom about their own nature through a training of the mind. The goal is a mind that is light, free, energetic and present – free from heavy emotions and thoughts. So the focus is development of human qualities – not an all-powerful creator.

Such a quality of life is the result of a spiritual awakening taught by Buddha, with the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path at its core.

And those who pick up this training start corresponding development, gradually and over a longer period of time, and get results according to their own efforts and starting point.

But Buddhism is profound, complex, challenging and with a long time horizon.

Good and inspiring books are important for this training, and we have made a small overview that can help you along the way!


DNBF welcomes you as a member of a society that promote teachings, practice and realization of the Buddha’s teachings!