• Thursday, 18. April 2024

    A doctor who wants to freeze his body when he dies, in the hope of a longer or eternal life. A bhikkhu who claims we already have eternal life - only that we change our bodies after the end of our life cycle. A priest who hopes and believes in eternal life through Christian faith.

  • Monday, 15. April 2024

    On the weekend of 13th and 14th of April 2024, Kindfulness was the topic at Pranahuset in Sandvika. Ajahn Nitho attracted a full house of meditators, and the focus was Buddha's instructions "sukhino cittaṃ samādhiyati" - the mind of a happy person gets deep meditation.

  • Monday, 18. March 2024

    What could be better than having a retreat in a place called Sorgenfri (free of sorrow), south of Trondheim?

  • Monday, 18. March 2024

    We were greeted with blue skies, sun and snow in Tromsø on Friday 15th of March - and found a city teeming with tourists from all over the world - in the middle of winter. But some also came to explore their minds.

  • Tuesday, 5. March 2024

    Sunday 3rd of March DNBF had their annual general meeting, and here is a short report from the meeting and links to more information.

  • Saturday, 10. February 2024

    Here is the agenda for DNBF's annual general meeting 2024, and the committee's proposed resolutions.

  • Friday, 9. February 2024

    DNBF annual report for 2023 - activities, future, chairman's report, spiritual leader's report and accounts.

  • Friday, 2. February 2024

    Would you like to be the point of contact for DNBF where you live?

  • Friday, 2. February 2024

    We are pleased to extend this formal invitation to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Sunday 3rd of March, at 16.00, at the premises of Wahl Larsen Advokatfirma, Fridtjof Nansens plass 5, 0160 Oslo.

  • Saturday, 27. January 2024

    Nitho has been well taken care of as a guest at Wat Thai, but the society now wants to give him a home of his own. Can you help us find a suitable site to put our first building on?

  • Sunday, 21. January 2024

    It's snowing, and we hope the cross country snow stays in Rondane, where we have the Venabu retreat 2024 in April. We're also looking forward to a snow-free inspiring indoor winter weekend in Trondheim - and when it comes to India, we guarantee a snow-free trip to the Buddha's homeland.

  • Sunday, 14. January 2024

    It is now possible to sign up for the pilgrimage to India for DNBF members.

  • Friday, 12. January 2024

    It is now possible for DNBF's members and Venerable Canda's supporters to register for the retreat - one week before everyone else.

  • Saturday, 30. December 2023

    The committee's attempt to establish a separate failth society was a success!

  • Tuesday, 19. December 2023

    We invited Ajahn Ajito from Vingrom, Lillehammer to Oslo to teach a weekend retreat for just before Christmas 2023.

  • Saturday, 9. December 2023

    Holydays are approaching, and we have spent a lot of time planning activities. Here follows some news, and what we are currently planning for 2024.

  • Friday, 24. November 2023

    The Faith Society DNBF - join the Buddhist Society of Norway on an important next step!

  • Thursday, 23. November 2023

    In order to be able to grow and gain greater financial muscle, DNBF has explored the possibility of registering as a faith community, and is now asking for feedback from all members.

  • Monday, 13. November 2023

    Our first 9-day retreat in Trøndelag was at Troset, a new retreat center just outside Trondheim. It was a great retreat, in nice new premises!

  • Wednesday, 1. November 2023

    DNBF's spiritual director did his annual three-month retreat in the mountains of Western Norway, a period with a focus on study, meditation and health.

  • Sunday, 13. August 2023

    The mountain retreat at Hardangervidda is over, and the monastics have now started their annual three-months retreat. Here are the plans going forward in time.

  • Sunday, 30. July 2023

    Out in nature, peace of mind, exercise for the body on Hardangervidda - simple lifestyle and plenty of time for your own practice!

  • Thursday, 22. June 2023

    The society's first visit and course in Bergen was fully booked, and despite the competition from sun and summer, we had a lot of teachings, discussions and testing of different meditation methods.

  • Monday, 12. June 2023

    The Norwegian monk Ajahn Brahmali came to Norway to teach the method Buddha used to achieve awakening - meditation on the breath. Despite a cold, so that Ajahn Nitho had to be the warming-up monk on Friday, we got a nice presentation and many questions answered.

  • Monday, 12. June 2023

    One of the members of the society's was interested in running a weekend course in Arendal, so in June Ajahn Nitho took the train to Arendal

  • Monday, 12. June 2023

    999 followers on Facebook - and follower number 1000 ended up being one of the committee member - so it was time for a small celebration!

  • Monday, 22. May 2023

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Wednesday, 17. May 2023

    After the society's first big retreat at Venabu, we have the following plans going forward.

  • Monday, 1. May 2023

    In April 2023, DNBF conducted its first big 7-day retreat at Venabu Fjellhotell. The 47 retreatants impressed with their efforts and results!

  • Thursday, 27. April 2023

    Membership in DNBF expires for all members on 30th of […]