The society wishes to grant membership to those who wish to support the society’s purpose of promoting teaching, practice and realization of the Buddha’s teachings. Members get priority at the Society’s events, but our events are also open for those without membership.

Becoming a member of The Buddhist Society of Norway is a great way to support our work. Applications for membership are sent via e-mail to The annual membership fee is NOK 200, regardless of the type of membership.

Read more further down the page about 1) registration of membership, 2) types of membership, 3) payment of fees and 4) privacy.

Registration of Membership

Registering as a member is done through 4 simple steps. If you need help, send an email to

1. Apply for Membership

Membership applications at DNBF are handled by the committee – even though this is a formality. Send an email to, and say that you want membership.

2. Register as a user at

You will be sent an email with a link to register on DNBF’s website – enter your name, address, email, etc. After registration, you are immediately logged in as a user on DNBF’s website, and you have a username and password for future logins. Registering is done on this page.

3. Select the type of membership

While you are logged on to DNBF’s website, you must order the desired type of membership and pay the membership fee of NOK 200. Choose the type of membership below, press the “Order” button on the next page, and follow the process forward. You will receive a receipt by e-mail when the order has been completed:

4. Pay the fees

When the fees have been received by DNBF, you are a member – and you get access to the member pages and ‘My page’ at, the benefits of being a member at our events, and our nascent online community.

Membership lasts until 30th of April each year. A few days before the membership expires, you will be sent an email where you can renew the membership. You may also be sent an email when the membership expires, as well as a “Hope to see you again in the future” email a few days later, for those who do not wish to continue as a member.

Types of Membership

Because the society is young, we are not yet a member of a religious community, but we will become part of a religious community during 2023.

The society has three types of membership.

a. Full membership – is available to people over the age of 15 who take 1) refuge in the Buddha as the teacher, 2) refuge in the Dharma as the teaching, 3) refuge in the Sangha of ordained monks and nuns, and 4) who actively try to keep the five training rules. For full membership, one must be affiliated with the society’s religious community. Full membership gives a person the right to vote at General Meetings, and can be elected as a committee member. Full membership gives priority at retreats and events.

b. Ordinary membership – is available to people over the age of 15 with a looser binding to Buddhism. Membership in the society’s religious community is voluntary. Ordinary membership gives a person the right to vote at the annual meeting, and can be elected as a committee member. Ordinary membership gives priority at retreats and events.

c. Youth membership – is available for those under 15 years of age. Membership in the society’s religious community is voluntary. Youth members do not have the right to vote at general meetings, and cannot sit on the society’s committee.


The membership fee can be paid by normal bank transfer, or using Vipps (a Norwegian payment system).

1) Vipps

Vipps number: 688792
Vipp’s name: Den Norske Buddhistforening

Choose the Membership (Medlemsskap) category inside the Vipps app.

2) Bank Transfer

Bank account: 1506 61 85106
Name: Den Norske Buddhistforening

Write ‘membership fee’ as your message.

Bank: DnB
Bank address: Stranden 21, 0021 OSLO, Norway
IBAN: NO7815066185106
Account name: Den Norske Buddhistforening


We store some of our members’ personal information. Read about how the society handles privacy on this page: Privacy.