The weekend 20th to 22nd of January, the society organized a weekend retreat at Trondheim Taiji Senter, on the outskirts of Trondheim city centre, with Ajahn Nitho as instructor. We had over 30 retreatants, and a long waiting list. The focus was basic meditation, right effort, questions and answers – and time for free and guided practice. We also saw the start of an exciting local initiative and a new organization in Trondheim, which will focus on mindfulness and meditation.

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  • The society's first visit and course in Bergen was fully booked, and despite the competition from sun and summer, we had a lot of teachings, discussions and testing of different meditation methods.

  • The Norwegian monk Ajahn Brahmali came to Norway to teach the method Buddha used to achieve awakening - meditation on the breath. Despite a cold, so that Ajahn Nitho had to be the warming-up monk on Friday, we got a nice presentation and many questions answered.