If you are still not a member of DNBF, but are considering becoming a member – now is a good time!

For over two years, we have served as a source of meditation teaching, learning about dhamma, and a source of inspiration for spiritual practice. Our focus is on the Buddha’s original teachings as explained in the oldest texts, with his focus on the fourfold sangha where women and men are given equal opportunities for spiritual training. And all this adapted to a Western culture and way of being.

We want to continue this, and now we hope for a helping hand from you who have either been with us on retreat or have been in contact with us in some other way. Perhaps you have followed our activities online.

If we manage to mobilize a minimum of 50 who want to help us to be registered faith society, we will be able to receive over NOK 1,400 per year per member. It will not cost you anything personally to be a member in this way, your membership will be free. We receive the money in state aid.

Your help consists in being willing to register in DNBF which will become a future faith society. You then have to deregister from the community you are currently registered in.

In the first instance, we want to find out if we can manage this. If enough people register an interest via the link below, we will contact each individual for a final registration.

We hope as many people as possible have the opportunity to continue to support our work in this way, it will give us a completely different financial opportunity to secure the work in the years to come.

We need your response by Monday the 4th of December : )

Or go to this webpage for registration:


Photo: Clint McKoy