In November 2023, DNBF became the first group to use the new retreat center “Troset” just outside Trondheim, a center which is suitable for groups of 10-12 people, but which in the future will have accommodation and a hall for even more people.

We had participants from Trøndelag, Oslo, Bergen and Sweden on this 9-day retreat – and the advantage of a smaller group is that the group tends to be informal and open.

This was a great retreat in new premises – lots of meditation, teaching, guiding and questions/answers, and a good atmosphere. There was also no shortage of depening in the participants’ meditation.

We are invited back to Troset – and we would love to come again!

Retreat leader Mona

Reception area

Qi-gong and Gong

Heidi Troset, who runs the retreat centre, taught Qi-gong to those who wanted – an excellent variation around a lot of meditation. Heidi also provided a vibrant closing ceremony of the retreat by playing on large gongs.

Buddhism settles

It was also established at the retreat that Buddhism is now “settling itself down” in the Norwegian cultural heritage. During a lunch, a hot pot was placed directly on a table – an antique table from the 16th century, of course! “Bad karma” was the message from the center’s management − with a smile.