The Buddha received two new chief disciples from the participants at the mountain retreat (see the pictures here), and according to the donors, these are chief disciples seeking wisdom. So the society will follow up, and we are planning these events for those who are hungry for wisdom:

Weekend Mindfulness Retreat

Jaran de los Santos Olsen will lead a weekend retreat focusing on mindfulness, self-compassion and insight on the 31st of September and 1st of October. It will be organized at the new Pranahuset in Sanvika/Oslo.

Jaran is a psychologist specializing in emotion-focused therapy, and a former monk in the Ajahn Chah tradition in Thailand. Based on his own experiences and challenges along the way, he has put together an approach to spiritual practice that combines the classical methods from Buddhism with experiences from psychotherapy, in a humanistic-idealistic philosophical framework.

The retreat will consist of guided and silent meditations, and exploration of relevant themes based on the program Jaran has created. More information coming soon.

9 Days Retreat near Trondheim

The Trondheim group is now at the finish line with a 9-day retreat at Troset Gård just north of Trondheim. Ajahn Nitho is the instructor, and the teaching will be given in Norwegian. The retreat takes place on Saturday 4th until Sunday the 12th of November 2023. We will welcome everybody with soup at 18.00 on the first Saturday, and the retreats ends on the last Sunday after lunch. Members of DNBF have priority, and we only have a few places left. Registration takes place on this website.

Weekend Retreat

Ajahn Ajito is coming the weekend 16th and 17th of December to teach a weekend retreat at Helsehuset iSenter in Oslo. Ajahn Ajito is currently building cabins and a meditation hall in the forest just south of Lillehammer. More information about his weekend retreat will come shortly.

Venabu 8 Days Retreat

DNBF’s spiritual advisor, Venerable Canda from Oxford, UK, will return in April 2024 to repeat this year’s success at Venabu Fjellhotell. The good conditions at Venabu close to Rondane National Park, and the feedback from this year’s participants, means that we are setting up a new English-language retreat with Venerable Canda and Ajahn Nitho as instructors – where everyone gets their own room with a bathroom, and we have the mountain lodge’s own chef who provides very good food. It is possible to register a non-binding interest and get more information on this website.